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Tips For Keeping Your Computer Running Smoothly

Anti Virus Program
The most important tool that you can use to protect your computer from viruses
is of course an Anti Virus program.

There are several commercial Anti Virus programs available.
You purchase the program and a One Year Virus Definition Subscription is usually included.

The program will automatically update the virus definitions when you connect to the internet.

It is important that you do not let the subscription lapse as your computer will not be protected
from the latest viruses.

There are several FREE Anti Virus programs available.
I would recommend purchasing one of the commercial products but if  the cost is prohibitive then
the free programs are bettter than no protection at all.

Apply Critical Windows Updates
There are always updates made to a complex operating system like Windows.
Some are to correct programs that did not work correctly and some are to 'patch' a security flaw in
the program.

Make sure that you download and apply any 'Critical' updates shown on the Windows update web site.

Don't install bad software
One of the most common sources of  Worms and Viruses is the use of File Sharing Software
used to download music as MP3 files. In order to do this you are allowing the program access
to files and drives on your computer.

Computer Resources

Microsoft Corporation Windows Support Home Page
This site is the starting point for support for MS Windows, Internet Explorer,
Outlook and Outlook Express.

Symantec On-Line Free Virus and Security Scan
You can scan your system for viruses at this web site and download removal tools.

Gibson Research
There are many useful tools here for checking your systems vulnerablility to attack

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